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Reduce the risk of becoming victim of intrusion and burglary by being present at your property 24/7, this is where Smart Solution comes in. As well as alerting you to an alarm, we could deploy private security of your choice and/or inform emergency repossess of the intrusion.

Why Us?

At smart solution we take the responsibility of monitoring your valuables, be it your property, business or any area that is important to you , very seriously. You could always hire a security guard to be present 24/7! But at what cost?

What make us different


We understand how important your privacy is, no value can be put on your privacy and freedom. Combining the two, Smart Solution can provide you and your valuables with around the clock monitoring whilst providing you with total privacy.


The desire to protect our home and valuables is basic human instinct. However, with modern lifestyle no one can be present everywhere all the time! When you are home, are you at ease about your business? And vice versa.

24/7 monitoring

We at smart solution are eager to provide our client with peace of mind! We are here to monitor so you don’t have to be. By using image free detectors we guarantee your privacy whilst providing you with 24/7 monitoring.


When the alarm is triggered we will immediately contact you, if not available, your emergency contact numbers. If the intruder alarm is tripped while your are away, we will contact your nominated key holder and notify emergency responses.

 Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

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 Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

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