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Leave the installation to us

After customizing your system, our Smart Home Pros install your Smart home security devices, ensure they function seamlessly, and provide comprehensive guidance on using your system effectively.

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Protecting your Home 24/7

Once your Smart security system is up and running, monitoring is in place to protect your home day and night, always ready to respond to potential emergencies. Enjoy peaceful sleep and leave home with confidence, knowing that your home is watched over and protected.

What comes with all our solutions


Smart Protect is an optional plan that covers monitoring and video recording services for Smart Solution products, 24/7. We do not store your data and your privacy is 100% safe.

Need help With installation?

Don’t want to do it yourself? Don’t worry. Once you’ve purchased your chosen Ring product, you can buy the relevant installation service on Amazon by following the links below.

Privacy is our priority.

At Smart Solution, we prioritize privacy, security, and user control from the earliest conceptual stage through to the finished product. These principles guide every decision we make. To learn more about our commitment to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring security, please explore our practices.